Elevator Shelving Means You'll Never Have To Reach Again

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but this time it was actually the mother of Canadian inventor Shlomo Shwartz. When he saw her using a stool to grab something from an out-of-reach shelf, he was inspired to come up with a safer solution. And so the Shelevator—an elevator for shelves—was born.

The contraption consists of a box that's raised and lowered by a slide-out mechanism, so items can be easily retrieved at counter level. It's operated with a low-tech pull rod and cord, while a set of strong chains do the actual lifting so heavy loads aren't a problem. It might not be the simplest solution to the problem, but it seems a lot safer than precariously balancing on a stool.


Shwartz is currently looking for funding to put his creation into production, but in the meantime he plans to sell DIY kits on eBay for $40 a pop. If only the video if it in action didn't give away the secrets of how it works. [Dragon's Den via Gizmag]

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