Elon Musk Is Jazzed About Selling Bricks Now

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Screenshot: The Boring Company (YouTube)

Elon Musk has finally revealed the literal rocks he wants to sell people.

On Thursday night Elon Musk’s tunnel-digging endeavor The Boring Company livestreamed a company event on YouTube, in which Musk discussed plans for the hole it’s burrowing under Los Angeles.


In the presentation Musk said the tunnel will be used for a 150-mph “Loop” transit system that will take riders in 16-passenger pods from downtown to LAX—an 11 mile trip—in 8 minutes. And he claims it will only cost $1 per ride.

But Musk also has a plan for all that dirt he’s digging up in the process. He’s going to sell it for, like, ten cents per highly compressed bundle. As he explained in the presentation, with the same enthusiasm that he discusses space travel and flamethrowers:

These are bricks that are made by compressing the dirt at extremely high pressures, adding a little bit of, a small amount of concrete. And we have bricks that are rated for California seismic loads. And then these bricks, we can sell the bricks for like 10 cents a brick or something like that. And they’re really great bricks. You can like build houses with them and things. These are like way better than cinder block. Because cinder blocks are not really that strong and kind of rough and grainy. These are super strong. They’re more like, like they’re smooth. They’re incredibly smooth. There’s not really a good analog for these, ‘cause these are bricks that are way better than any bricks I’ve ever seen at a construction site.

As Musk mentioned a couple months ago in tweets, he wants to sell the bricks as large LEGO-like kits so customers can use them to build monuments.

“I think you’re starting with the Egyptian pantheon,” Musk said at the presentation, addressing Steven Davis, SpaceX engineer and project lead at The Boring Company.

“You told us to build a pyramid. We’re building a pyramid and a temple for you,” Davis responded.

“Temple of Horus,” Musk clarified. “Start with the Temple of Horus pyramid, and a Sphynx.”




That transcript reads like a Trump tweet wtf Elon