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Embed a Message In an OK Go Music Video Using Chrome

Illustration for article titled Embed a Message In an OK Go Music Video Using Chrome

We know that HTML 5 and stuff like Canvas, SVG, and WebGL is cool, but how cool are they? Cool enough to let you embed a message in a music video and have the band Ok Go dance it out for you.


Just point Chrome to Google's latest Chrome Experiment and follow the instructions. You have to watch a few minutes of Ok Go's somewhat unusual music video All Is Not Lost before you get your message, but it's worth it to check out the wow factor that is coming with these up and coming Internet technologies. [Chrome Experiments via 9to5 Google]

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Go Devils/Go Blue

I don't want to be THAT guy...but this was posted yesterday.


Now, I just wish my Chrome browser wouldn't crash every time I tried to do this. I'd love to actually see what the point of typing the message in is.