emWave Personal Stress Reliever Gauges, Reduces Your Stress (Supposedly)

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This stress reliever from emWave looks even more fake than the one Scientologists use to "gauge" your stress, or whatever it is they do as a first step into getting your money. However, this emWave device monitors your heart rhythms and "confirms when you are in the coherence mode". Oh boy.

The levels of "coherence" detected by this range from red for low coherence (preparing for your murder trial), to blue for medium (mother-in-law's coming to town), to green for high coherence (the feeling you got right after you murdered your mother-in-law).

The point is to exhale and inhale and think of something positive. When the device detects you into the green area, you're set to get back to work! Available now for $199.


Product Page [Heart Math Store via Gearlog]