Energy Generating Turbine Toilet: Poop Saves the Planet

Illustration for article titled Energy Generating Turbine Toilet: Poop Saves the Planet

If the Benkatine Turbine by Leviathan Energy finds its way into homes, your bowel movements will be able to help generate free electricity. Using the same technology found in other hydroelectric devices, the Benkatine turbine uses the water that passes through the pipes in your home to produce power. According to the company, that means you could make use of the water flowing from any number of sources—including your gutter drains. It is a simple idea, but simple ideas are often the most useful. Plus, you pass off your excessive drinking and overeating as your little way of helping the environment. [Wired via Inhabitat via DVICE]

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@crap-action-jackson: Exactly! This is just stealing energy from the water pumps that pressurized the water in the fist place. It's a zero-sum gain.

In fact it's going to be worse that zero-sum as it can not be 100% efficient, so it's a net consumer of energy!