Epson PictureMate 240, 280 Printers With PhotoEnhance

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Just in time for all the beautiful fall foliage around the corner comes two headstrong additions to Epson's PictureMate line of photo printers, the PictureMate 240 and 280. Both printers have far more in common with each other than they'd like to admit (in fact, only the 280's built-in CD drive separates the two), meaning they both proudly feature Epson's PhotoEnhance technology. What does PhotoEnhance do, besides look important on a press release? Allegedly, it enhances the quality of pictures by detecting the type of scene it is (outdoors and indoors and the like) then optimizing it as the situation warrants. Clever, Epson. Very clever.

The two PictureMate debutantes share features with nearly every other printer made since the Wall came down, like a built-in memory card slot, a color LCD (2.5 inches!) and enough USB connections to satisfy the entire horde.

Both the PictureMate 240 and 280 should be released this October, with the former coming in at $255 and the latter at $380.


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