Eric Kripke lists everything he hated about Revolution's first season

If you had issues with Revolution's inconsistent, fresh-faced vision of a future in which the power has gone out, you're not alone. Series creator Eric Kripke sat down with members of the press during Comic-Con and ticked off the problems with Season One and why he believes Season Two will be better.


Kripke's numerous complaints about Season One came out when one reporter asked him what the these of Season Two would be:

A theme? Um, pizazz! [Laughter] If last season was about war, this season is more about mystery. I still give answers. I still unfold things at a nice healthy clip, but I really wanted to push through… Last season was just about do we stop Monroe and do we flip on a switch. And it's hard to sustain as series television. You could make a great movie out of that. But what I found was, it was challenging. I'm harder on Season One than anyone. My headline is: I'm out to prove something for Season Two. I'm aggressively working on building a better engine here.

The problem with Season One was it was too simple. We either ended up treading water, or we ended up throwing drones at the problem. And just spectacle. And the second half of Season One, I'm just watching and I'm like, "Holy shit, there's a lot of power in this show that has no power!" And then when drones are flying around shooting machine guns at each other, I'm like, "Who am I?"

And so I really like getting back to basics and creating a storyline that I know will sustain, that I know is going to have some interesting and provocative mysteries, and getting to some of the interesting questions that I'm interested in asking, which is like: What is America? Who gets to decide what the future of America will be? Is there a God? What happens when you feel destiny close in on you? And then all the issues about family, civilization vs. savagery. We have a wonderful new warlord played by Matt Ross, who's the creepiest warlord. His backstory is he was headmaster of a boys' school when the blackout happened, and he's left with just 200 kids a thousand miles from their homes. He raises them Lord of the Flies style. I felt we spent too much time in Season One talking about technology and machine guns and talking about battles and war. And what we didn't dig into was, wait a minute, this is a really fascinating world and people would evolve in all sorts of interesting ways. We didn't explore what I call the documentary elements of this world enough. So we're really looking for story lines that give us that, too.

So I think it's going to be a really interesting unfolding of story lines for Season Two, in a world that will feel grittier. As much as everyone was bothered by how Noxema fresh everyone looked, man, no one was bothered by that more than me. You should have heard me scream on the phone. But now we've fixed it, and I think it's more interesting looking…. I was like, "Make them dirty, goddammit! Why is everyone so clean?" So far, I'm really excited about where we're going.

Kripke also said that he's excited about Ben Edlund (from Kripke's show Supernatural) and Rockne O'Bannon joining the writing staff. Edlund in particular walked into the writer's room with tons of crazy ideas. "Ben is Starsky to my Hutch," Kripke said. "So I'm always more comfortable to be in a room that Ben is in.


Annalee Newitz

OK, Kripke, you sold me on season 2. I'm back.