eStarLabs Monolith Premium MX7000 Takes a Beating and Then Some

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The Monolith Premium MX7000 is being touted as an "indestructible" MP3 player. With its odd slider top and polished design, the MX7000 actually packs some great features into its little package. The fused case allows it to be subjected to torture of all sorts, from running over it in a car to throwing it at a wall. The MX7000 will take a beating and will keep on bleating.

This 512MB player can play back MP3, WMA, and OGG. You'll also net FM radio and great battery life. Too bad the price is $150 or you could have a great competitor for something like the iPod shuffle.


eStarLabs Monolith Premium MX7000 [Mobile Whack]

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