eStarling - Just in Time for Mother's Day

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It's the same deal every May: I visit Ceiva hoping that they have finally improved on their digital picture frames enough that I can buy one for mom. And every year I'm disappointed, because the Ceiva still has an internal modem that gets jacked into the phone line. Plus, you have to use the "Ceiva Network" to store and organize photos.

Looks like my wait is over, and mom is finally going to get a digital picture frame—but not the one from Ceiva. The eStarling is a 5.6-inch WiFi-enabled picture frame. Photos can be e-mailed directly to the frame, or loaded from an MMC/SD card. Better yet, the eStarling will pick up my flickr RSS feed and display that. It's a lot more expensive than the Ceiva ($249.99 versus $99.99), and I have yet to see details on the resolution of that color TFT screen. But the price is well worth the freedom from wires and forced use of photo-sharing services.

Starling WiFi picture frame [Niall Kennedy's Photo Stream]

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