Ethan Hawke Is Going to Be Playing the Villain In Disney's Moon Knight Series

Ethan Hawke in 2020.
Ethan Hawke in 2020.
Photo: Arturo Holmes (Getty Images)

Well, the list of distinguished actors attached to this project has just gone up by one.


As shared by the Hollywood Reporter, Ethan Hawke, from, uh, a lot of amazing things, has been chosen to play the main villain in Disney Plus’s upcoming Moon Knight series. The series, about which little is known other than the (mostly confirmed) rumor that Oscar Isaac is playing the starring role, is an adaptation of the Marvel comic of the same name, featuring the eponymous anti-hero.

Who does that mean Ethan Hawke is playing, exactly? Unknown, though the big Moon Knight-exclusive baddie is normally a treasure seeker named Bushman. Though, considering how eclectic the character’s history is, it really is hard to say.

This will be Ethan Hawke’s first superhero-adjacent role, and while it’s not exactly Boyhood, he’ll likely bring a lot of humanity and gravitas to the role.

Moon Knight is expected to begin shooting in March, in Budapest. 

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There are several possibilities, although he can’t be playing Moon Knight’s origin villain, Bushman, because that character is black.

So the main possibilities are Black Spectre — either Carson Knowles or Ryan Trent — or, the more intriguing possibility, he’s playing the Profile.