Eureka Gets Renewed, Goes For A Song In New Season

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Eureka has been renewed for a fourth season, which brings good news/tired news for fans of the series; the new season will be its longest yet, but also feature a musical two-parter. Does every show have to sing now?

In fact, Eureka plans to up the ante from where Xena, Buffy and the upcoming Batman: The Brave And The Bold left it: their musical episode will be two episodes long, according to star Erica Cerra:

"We're doing a musical episode-well, a two-part musical episode-next season... That will be very, very, very interesting. I have no idea what that will be about. I suppose the network and the writers feel comfortable with the fact that the cast can sing... I don't sing. I can't, and I don't, so I'm going to have to take some singing lessons. I'm a little nervous.


The musical two-parter will have to go some way to beating this last attempt at bringing song and dance to Syfy's sci-fi town:

Cerra also told SciFi Wire that the show's fourth season will be 22 episodes long:

Last year they made an attempt to do 21, I believe it was, and we got cut down to 18 because of the writers' strike. So we're thrilled, and the way we found out was so much fun, getting word before the end of the season.


Eureka's third season concludes over the next two Fridays on Syfy; the regular recap of last night's episode will be up later this afternoon.

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