"Eurosnobs to Get iPhone, One Day", Sources Declare

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Really, what's all this ruckus about the Second Coming of the JesusPhone in Europe? Some regional German newspaper said that it was going to be T-Mobile in the Fatherland. The never-sensationalistic British press is claiming that "O2 gets UK iPhone deal" and even the BBC is getting its knickers in a twist about it. Can't people see what's really going on and what are the Real Facts™ here?

The fact is that people are clueless since we broke the story of Telefonica/O2 President César Alierta's meeting with Steve Jobs.

The story so far. First, some dude pulls news out of his ass cites sources saying that Vodafone, T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse will market the iPhone jointly in the UK, an announcement that was going to happen, they said, last Monday. That was demonstrated to be bollocks, as we pointed out.


So now the T-Mobile thing was supposed to be announced on Wednesday. It never happened. And regardless of what has been said about O2, Telefónica/O2 and Apple are denying it.

Well, here is the news: they are clueless. We are all clueless. The only thing we know for sure is that they are all still negotiating. Of course, in the end it will be Telefonica/O2. Or T-Mobile. Or Orange. Or Vodafone. Or whoever. But today, our Deep Throats at Apple, Telefonica and Carphone Warehouse are all saying the same thing: we are still negotiating, we can't say a word.

The iPhone is out already, we all know how it is and we europeans, myself included, will keep getting screwed by the carriers no matter who gets it first. Business as usual. No 3G, no extra magic points for having Big Ben and le Tour Eiffel. Carry on, chaps.


O2 says it hasn't signed a U.K. iPhone distribution pact with Apple [Marketwatch]
O2 gets UK iPhone deal [The Register]

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My guess is that T-Mobile may well snag the iPhone in the UK. Why? Because AFAIK they're the only company to offer unlimited internet with their web n walk package which seems to be a prerequisite for an iPhone user. Certainly was the case about 9 months ago anyway.

Almost certainly won't get one though. I need to use my phone as a modem which I understand the iPhone can't do. That's pants. Not everywhere is wifi'd up.