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Yep, Dell has released their first ExpressCard to work on Verizon's EV-DO broadband network. This card—labeled the 5700 Mobile Broadband ExpressCard—is simply a rebranded Novatel XV620. It will be available on Dell's site later this week for around $180. The folks over at Gearlog gave the Novatel XV620 card a hands-on test a while back and were very happy with the speed and performance of this card, so good things should come from the rebranded Dell. The card includes a free month of Verizon service, but after that it is $60 per month for persons with Verizon voice plans or $80 per month for persons without.


Time for a celebration, MacBook users? Not quite yet. Given that this card is coming from Dell—the anti-Apple—expect it to only include Windows drivers. But surely some super hax0rs out there can get it working on MacBooks or at least we can hope.

The EV-DO ExpressCard Is Here! (From Dell) [Gearlog]

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