EV-DO ExpressCard Arrives … from Dell?

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Yep, Dell has released their first ExpressCard to work on Verizon's EV-DO broadband network. This card—labeled the 5700 Mobile Broadband ExpressCard—is simply a rebranded Novatel XV620. It will be available on Dell's site later this week for around $180. The folks over at Gearlog gave the Novatel XV620 card a hands-on test a while back and were very happy with the speed and performance of this card, so good things should come from the rebranded Dell. The card includes a free month of Verizon service, but after that it is $60 per month for persons with Verizon voice plans or $80 per month for persons without.


Time for a celebration, MacBook users? Not quite yet. Given that this card is coming from Dell—the anti-Apple—expect it to only include Windows drivers. But surely some super hax0rs out there can get it working on MacBooks or at least we can hope.

The EV-DO ExpressCard Is Here! (From Dell) [Gearlog]

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I think the point of these cards isn't necessarily wireless speed, but compatibility with the new xpress slots that are on a lot of dell notebooks.

they dont' accept standard pcmcia cards, so if you upgrade your notebook, your old evdo card is useless.

granted, the new express sot is supposed to have uber throughput, but that doesn't mean the wireless signal will be any better. just that you can actually get it cuz the new card will fit. :-)