Remember Eve 6? Those were the days. No, I'm not talking about "Here's To the Night" playing at some high school dance. I'm talking about "Inside Out," or the under appreciated never-a-single "How Much Longer." Turns out those guys are still kicking, and the relatively new single "Curtain" ain't half bad.

Off the 2012 album Speak in Code, Curtain is the first single from the band in what feels like years, and is (in my mind) a triumphant return of (in my mind) everybody's favorite singing, bass-playing ginger. The song itself has all the right ingredients: a peppy baseline, some clever-ish lyrics, and a hooky chorus. And admittedly, the whole talking part is god-awful, but it's a catchy tune. The one-shot reverse music video is neat, if not the best example of the form, and all in all, it's nice to have a little Eve 6 again. I missed those guys. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]