Even After Shutting Down, LimeWire Can't Catch a Break

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LimeWire has been kaput as a file-sharing service since October but that hasn't stopped its legal woes. Now, after settling with the RIAA to the tune of $105 million, the MPAA and a host of indie music labels have filed lawsuits against the company as well. Talk about beating a dead horse.


Six studios—Twentieth Century Fox, Viacom, Comedy Partners, Disney, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers—have filed suit, citing the court's summary judgement in the RIAA case as basis for their claims. In that case, the court concluded that LimeWire "intentionally encouraged direct infringement." Now, the court will have to decide LimeWire's culpability in the illicit trade of movies and TV shows as well.

In addition, a group of independent record labels are arguing that, because of the same summary judgement, that they too are owed $105 million. There's no word yet on how much the MPAA is asking for in damages, but if its anything near what it enjoy threatening the common user with, LimeWire's going to need to find some deeper pockets. [Hollywood Reporter via Techdirt]

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The thing is, while LimeWire was a particularly popular gnutella client, there are still other gnutella clients out there and still pretty much just as easy as torrenting things. For example, Shareaza. Not that I've bothered using it any time recently. [shareaza.sourceforge.net]