Even Calvin and Hobbes Joined the #OccupyFrontLawn Movement

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I can't imagine a better Christmas decoration. Well, unless that decoration is a different Calvin and Hobbes comic brought to life.


Found in front of a house in Rocklin California, the display is a protest against the unfair practices of Calvin's dad. The tyrant is far too strict, is unfair, makes Calvin take too many baths, and makes the poor boy go to bed before all the juicy TV shows are broadcast. #OccupyFrontLawn!

I bet the neighbors are kicking themselves with their lame blow-up Santas. [Reddit via The High Definite]


Favorite comic ever. Spaceman Spiff inspired my friend and I to convert his entire upstairs into an alien world. In fact, I actually had a guy make a Spaceman Spiff vinyl and throw it up on Amazon (no I don't get an $ from this, I just sent him the picture I wanted). I'm rocking this on my car now.