And that’s not a knock against Penny Dreadful — I just never expected to see any merchandise for it, let alone some pretty dang fabulous action figures of Ethan and Vanessa. Need a period-dressed Eva Green action figure in your life? Look no further.

The two figures are the latest in the multitude of San Diego Comic Con exclusives being sold by Entertainment Earth. Made by BifBangPow, the Ethan and Vanessa figures will be a limited run for the convention, with excess stock then being sold online afterwards. 6 inches in size, each figure is fully articulate and comes with a handful of accessories: Ethan gets some pistols and a removable bowler hat, while Vanessa comes with a fancy set of fanned-out Tarot cards, and a single card to pose with as well.

Interestingly, although these two are strictly being done for SDCC, the back of the boxes reveal the chance for more figures to come (presumably if these two do well enough). It could just be for the sake of the boxes, but does it mean a glorious Timothy Dalton figure could be on the way? Please make it so. I’ll buy ten of each if it means the chance for a Sir Malcom figure.

You’ll be able to pick up these Penny Dreadful figures for $23 apiece at SDCC, or if you want to try and preorder one of the leftovers, you can find them here and here.


[via The Fwoosh]

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