Even The Sweatiest of Fingers Won't Slip Off this Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard

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If the stresses of virtual combat are leaving your palms clammy and your keyboard covered in sweat, Cooler Master wants you to know they don't think that's gross. Instead, they've created a new specially coated mechanical keyboard so your slippery fingers don't miss a single keystroke.

Marketed under the company's CM Storm brand, the $80 QuickFire Rapid keyboard features a dark, angsty design with a rubber topped surface that ensures no matter how much sweat might drip, your fingers won't slip off the keys. Typing aficionados will also appreciate the QuickFire Rapid's use of Cherry MX mechanical keyswitches, which increases its lifespan, provides better tactile feedback and that distinct clickety-clack sound that made IBM's old keyboards so popular. It is positioned for gamers, though, so in addition to anti-ghosting features that prevent multiple keystrokes from getting lost in the heat of battle, it's also got a special 'let's get down to business' mode that disables that pesky Windows button. [CM Storm QuickFire Rapid Keyboard via TechFresh]