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Even Twitter Founders Get Twitter-Jacked (Updated)

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You know how sometimes you sign up for what you think is some cool new service, give it access to your Twitter, and then it spams your timeline with a bunch of crap. Yeah. It even happens to Twitter founders.


Biz Stone, one of Twitter's founders and for a long time the public face of the company, just spewed hundreds of tweets asking people to endorse Ed Lee for mayor on Votizen. And while Twitter is a politically active company, and Ed Lee has a pretty dope mustache, we're pretty sure this was a bot-made accident. Either that or Biz Stone is really, really bad at Twitter.

But it goes to show that the settings that you can use to give third party apps access to your Twitter are pretty sorry. I mean, if this can happen to one of the guys who founded the company and led it for years, it's no wonder all kinds of regular people inadvertently give apps permission to post to their timelines.


Twitter needs to fix that shit.

Update: Votizen co-founder Dave Binetti weighs in below in the comments:

My name is Dave Binetti and I'm the co-founder of Votizen. Yes, Biz is a strong supporter of Ed Lee and yes, he wanted people to know about it. We have a ton of things to do to improve the process and boy, oh boy are we going to learn from this.

But in the end this is what democracy is — people encouraging other people to vote for the candidate they believe in. We want more 1:1 campaigning and less 30-second attack ads. Implementation of that needs some work, but I hope we can agree in the goal.

Illustration for article titled Even Twitter Founders Get Twitter-Jacked (Updated)

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What do you propose they do?

Sounds like people shouldn't allow fishy companies/sites/software access to their twitter.