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Every Outlet Cover Should Be an LED Nightlight By Default

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's ok to sacrifice an outlet to a nightlight in a child's room to scare away monsters, but elsewhere in your home they're far more valuable for other electronics and appliances. And that's exactly why these replacement outlet covers with built-in LED nightlights are so clever—and should eventually be standard in every home.

Using a built-in sensor the SnapRays Guidelight automatically turns on when it's dark, and switches off when a room is bright enough again. And its creator claims each one only uses about ten cents worth of power over an entire year. But the best part is that they can be installed on most outlets without needing any wiring. They each feature proprietary contacts that are able to automatically draw power from the outlet's receptacle.


The SnapRays Guidelight is currently raising funds on Kickstarter before going into production, but it's already blown past its $12,000 goal. At $12 each, they're reasonably priced for a home accessory that's claimed to last for more than 25 years. And the more you pre-order, the cheaper the per unit price gets. So suffice to say, it looks like the boogeyman's days are numbered. [Kickstarter via The Gadgeteer]