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You've already been teased with an announcement about this Nokia 6630 3G WCDMA phone, but now it's been re-positioned. The ROKR, for all its faults, has influenced several handset makers to play up the tunes. The Fins are the latest to tweak their marketing campaign. The original 6630 was Nokia's first 3G smartphone in Europe. The new 6630 features "special emphasis on music functionality." It comes with a 256-megabyte memory card, but it also supports the 1GB RS-MMC for even higher capacity. Nokia PC Suite software will be required to transfer music and the phone is actually bundled with a Nokia USB MMC/SD reader, which is a nice bonus. A Nokia Audio Adapter is included and converts the 6630's ear-port to a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The phone comes in Rustic Red and Aluminum Gray, and will sell for 500 euros when it comes to market later this month.

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