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Every Secret Agent Wannabe Needs a Quadcopter Belt of Death

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You could probably argue there are worse offenders, but there's no denying that James Bond's Thunderball jetpack is definitely up there in the pantheon of ridiculous 00-gadgets. Tinkerer Rodger Cleye recently tried to put a more realistic spin on the concept, and the result is this still-ridiculous-but-fully-functioning quadcopter "belt."

Unfortunately, propelling a real human—00 agent or not—is out of the question for today's tech; Cleye had a hard time finding 'copters that could handle the mere two pounds of his test mannequin. In its finished form, the hula-hoop of blades can manage eight minutes of sustained flight. Not bad if you weigh two pounds. And aren't averse to blades of doom near your mid-section. Hey, nobody said being James Bond was easy. [Hack a Day]