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Every Ship That Has Carried Humans Into Space, In One Chart

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Space is big, humans are small, and spacecrafts, well, vary more in size than you might think. Redditor Heaney555 has compiled an a chart, to scale, of every rocket, spacecraft, and space station involved in human spaceflight. And man, Saturn V is huuuuuuuge—it's as long as the whole International Space Station.

Designed to launch the Apollo missions, the Saturn V is still the biggest and most powerful rocket ever built. The sheer size of rockets, compared with the puniness of the actual vehicles they launch into space, give a sense of just how much energy is needed to escape Earth's gravity. Heaney555's chart is inspired by an earlier version by redditor firmada, and you can zoom into the full version below. [Heaney555]