Every Single One of These Drone Crashes Is Glorious

Technology! It gives us amazing devices that allow us to experience life in new ways. How wonderful. Even more wonderful is when those devices fail us to extremely comedic effect. Exhibit 1: Drones.

You know that a consumer device like the quadcopter has gained a certain critical popularity when compilations of their dramatic demises begin appearing. And so they have. This isn't the first drone compilation, but it is the most artful, and definitely one of the funniest. It almost makes putting up with obnoxious amateur drone pilots buzzing their shit everywhere seem worth it. *Thud* [via FStoppers]

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Warning watching this video may cost you money. ( I have all the parts coming in the mail..)

Some of those clips in the video above were taken from this FPV racing video. Looks like the Endor speeder scene.