Everybody Needs to Make a Pumpkin Keg to Drink Beer Out of This Month

I want to see a pumpkin keg at every Halloween party this month. Seriously, it's the most festive, tastiest way to spice up the alcohol. Here's how to make one.

The instructions come courtesy of Celebrations.com and it's pretty simple. You just need a pumpkin (duh), alcohol (double duh), a tap handle and a carving kit. Celebrations basically says to carve the pumpkin and remove the seeds and pulp and then insert the spigot:

Now, find the spot where you want to place your spigot. Using your pencil or marker, trace around the rim once you've decided upon the spot. Cutting the hole here will require a pretty fine serrated knife, so the carving kit proves really worthwhile at this point.

Make the hole as clean cut as possible, then pop in your spigot. If your pumpkin is as thick as ours was you'll have to thin out the pumpkin's inner wall to fit the spigot properly. Don't be afraid to dig in - the pumpkin can take it.


The most festive way to get drunk. So worth it. [Celebrations via Geekosystem]

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