Everyone On The 100 Makes Terrible Decisions, But It Makes For Good TV

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Where does the Grounding Leader get her hair ombre done? Asking for a friend... Last night, The 100 made a lot of bad decisions—a lot. But they were HIGHLY watchable bad decisions. So that's good. Spoilers ahead!


The 100 is still continuing its very aggressive decision to KILL EVERYONE ALL THE TIME. For example:

Take that, you stupid kids and your stupid flags! Ha ha ha! Death for everyone!

So this big kablooey scene was actually very important for a number of reasons:

  • We now know that Unity Day is actually a possible black spot on the Ark's glorious history. Who is in this 13th ship? What country did they represent? Why were they blasted into the unknown for not joining up with the rest of the ranks? And why was that allowed? Are they the Groundings?
  • Also, this blast speeded up the pace of what's happening on the Ark tenfold!

No more waiting around for the Chancellor to make bad decisions; the bad decisions are being made for him! Diana blows up the Unity Day pageant (in a super obvious manner: "Oh, his speech is shorter.... oh.... ZOINKS I'M OUTTA HERE!") But that just means that it's now or never for her rebellion. The blue collar working people of the Ark mutiny and lock themselves in one of the drop ships. They're taking over, because fuck this ship and all the other people in it; we can survive with just ourselves. Who needs our children and teachers and supplies and such?

It's super awful planning all the way around, but that's OK, because it is moving things forward. Also, the mutineers find out that if they take the drop ship RIGHT NOW, it will basically kill everyone on The Ark. Which is a good thing; the Ark was built so that would happen. So what they need is time, but they don't have any, so drastic actions are taken, resulting in the whole world knowing about the lifeboat-to-people ratio and the careening of a drop ship to Earth that landed sans parachute—not sure if anyone made it or who is inside. Clarke's mom, maybe? I would certainly steal the doctor if I was going to a planet without any supplies. I guess we'll find out later.

Next, the Groundings introduce their leader played by the GORGEOUS and completely captivating Dichen Lachman (playing Anya). I cannot rip my eyes from the screen when she is on it. Gorgeous. And look at her outfit!!! A floor-length black leather duster lined in black shearling. GIRL, STEAL THAT JACKET FROM WARDROBE.

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Also the smoky eye and random braid look is just killing it.

So back at the camp, Jasper figured out how to make moonshine (no surprise there, because if not, it would just be a bunch of kids sitting around playing pogs or whatever it is you kids do). So the moonshine miraculously doesn't blind everyone and they all get drunk, because it's Unity Day! The best Unity Day ever, and Clarke is drinking and Bellamy is all "You get drunk, girl." It's weird and forceful and "Why do you want me to get drunk?"


Anyway, eventually Pretty Boy tells Clarke she has to come and meet the Grounding leader and, in another example of her quality decision-making skills, Clarke asks Bellamy to follow her with guns. He brings Raven and Jasper along as well... you can see where this is going.

As things are wont to happen on this series, Jasper flips out and just starts shooting blindly. Granted, this was after Anya told Clarke that the newcomers have started a war—to which I would have said, "Yeah, but then why did you run a spear through our buddy Jasper?" Basically all of their logic is flawed and both sides are being run by small children, so perhaps that is the problem. So Jasper sees Groundings in the trees and shoots. Bellamy hits Anya in the shoulder; it's chaos. Everyone is mad, but mostly Finn and Octavia, because once again Bellamy and Clarke have ruined everything. When are these two going to smooch already? Sure, sure—Finn wants to hold Clarke's hand, but Bellamy and Clarke deserve each other; they're both really, really bad at their jobs of protecting their friends. And that's how it ends: with everyone angry and the drop ship plummeting to the Earth. No time for a break; we're hitting a stride on this series and it's time to see it through!


How about Octavia blaming Jasper for ruining everything? That did not go the way he planned. Oh Goggles, we love you, but Octavia is in love with the walking late night advertisement for a new ab workout video.


Veras Gunn

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say the 13 space station is probably akin to the 13th district in the Hunger Games. It was "destroyed" but in actually only fell to the planet where the few remaining survivors found they were able to survive and eventually become the Grounders.