Everyone Wants To Leave Lost's Island Paradise

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It's not just the characters on Lost who want off the island. Now the actors are saying the same thing. Following on from Evangeline Lilly's admission that she was grateful to leave Hawaii because of the WGA strike, tortured doc Matthew Fox is jumping on the Oahu-hate wagon.

I've been living in Hawaii for three and a half years now and it's not really paradise anymore. Throwing snowballs on a mountain top is now my idea of paradise. I enjoy getting off the island. It's a beautiful place and my kids are happy there and it's been a good place for us to be for the past three years... but it's not a place we're gonna stay after Lost is finished.


To be fair, it's not like everyone on the show can be driven to drink by the isolation. [Digital Spy.co.uk]



I live in Hawaii.

Fucking hate it - tourists don't see the downsides, because they tend to be in Waikiki or doing touristy stuff and sitting on the beach.

They miss out on the INSANE traffic (worse gridlock than DC or LA), the outrageous prices on everything from gas to milk to anything, the inherent racism of most of the island ("haole" is a fairly common phrase), the fact that shopping for even general home goods or supplies is limited severely and thus you are forced to either pay exorbitant amounts locally or order online and pay exorbitant amounts for shipping... and the fact that outside of Honolulu, there's not much to do. Even restaurants close at like 8. Basically past 8, 8:30, the only place to even get dinner or find ANYTHING to do is on one little corner of the island. Not to mention the low levels of general education (they let them speak "pidgin" in public school) and the rampant drug problem ("ice" AKA meth is HUGE).

The beaches are nice, and it's great to drive five minutes and lay in the sun. But I can't wait to leave.