Everything Old Is New Again

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On the left, HP's new ProBook. On the right, Apple's old PowerBook. [This Is My Next]


P.S. The most interesting thing about the ProBook, aside from its very familiar two-tone, aluminum/magnesium alloy design, is that HP is directly reselling wireless data to customers through Peregrine Network, so users never deal with the phone companies themselves.

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Ah the old TiBook. My favorite Apple laptop, for the single reason that the bezel around the screen was gloriously almost nonexistent. It was hell to repair them when they came into our shop though; very few ways to get out that LCD without destroying that tiny bezel, but they sure were great to look at. Also, very easy to replace almost all the components (fellow apple techs will know that it pioneered the "remove bottom of system to access all parts" like the current macbook line uses, too)

However, this HP system doesn't have the tiny bezel, so it gets a 'meh' in my book. As much as I dislike Apple, I sure did love that TiBook's sweet bezeless looks. I'm a pretty damned shallow person.