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Evil Knock-Off External Hard Drive is Far From 500GB

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We shouldn't laugh—I mean, think of all that lost data!—but there is something so comical about thinking you're backing up those precious files to a 500GB Samsung hard drive...only to discover it's a knock-off, weighed down with nuts.

You might think it's karma for buying a Chinese counterfeit, but pity the poor Russian who grew so fed up with losing data that he took the external hard drive to a repair center, only to have it prised open and shown the pair of nuts (to give it weight) and the 128MB USB stick which comprised the actual contents of the hard drive.


It's no wonder the Russian was always losing his data—the stick was set to a loop setting, which meant previously-saved data (all 128MB of it) would be wiped as soon as new data was saved. Clever stuff from the Chinese—but not so clever of our friend, the Russian. [Jitbit via HardMac via SlashGear]