This is What it's Like to Excavate a Dinosaur Nest in Person

We are living in the future. Need proof? Now from the comfort of your computer, you can experience a first-person view of excavating and packing a dinosaur nest for further study.

In August 2013, a team of palaeontologists from the American Museum of Natural History paired up with the Mongolian Academy of Science to go on an expedition to the Gobi Desert. They found a dinosaur nest, and student Aki Watanabe, a Google Glass beta-tester, recorded the process of cleaning it off and packing it up to bring home.


While I theoretically knew about the different stages of picking, brushing, and plastering, paleontological fieldwork is so different from my own domain of geophysical fieldwork that it was really interesting to see how my geoscience-compatriots go about their job. Plus, dinosaur eggs!

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