Experience True Hosting Solution Democracy with SingleHop

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Hosting a website becomes more and more complicated the bigger the website gets. Maybe you think you've established a scalable Wordpress setup, but after one of your posts goes viral, the puzzle pieces start to fall apart. You realize your solution wasn't designed for optimal scale, or redundancy.


For many other reasons, users are looking to more sophisticated solutions for their needs, but they're running in to challenges designing them given the complexities of picking the right solution and configuring all of the components. To tackle those uncertainties, SingleHop's LEAP3 platform is offering a crowdsourcing alternative, aptly dubbed Infrastructure by Democracy.

In the crowdsourced infrastructure marketplace, configurations are designed by the users of the system. Once designed, they can be published, purchased, deployed instantly & reviewed by other users. Reviews are public, allowing the most reliable designs, that offer the most bang-for-buck to rise to the top, leveraging the collective intelligence of the community and democracy in the world of IT infrastructure for the first time. The LEAP3 Solution Center allows clients to access a wide range of designs, including those from other users, from software developers and SingleHop partners.

The marketplace has already been embraced by some of the top designers in the business. Microsoft systems engineers have contributed several different solutions the marketplace for SingleHop clients to deploy.

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Using LEAP3, clients can design, deploy and manage a wide range of infrastructure devices, such as dedicated servers, private cloud servers, and public cloud hosting. You can then layer on load balancers, firewalls, switches, and operating systems. This hybrid approach brings various infrastructure components together, based on what the configuration the situation requires.

SingleHop's Solution Center is open to anyone. If you've got the credentials to back up your claims of web domination, you can join for free and earn commissions from offering your brilliant solutions to the web-hosting community.


So click here to check out the SingleHop's crowdsourced infrastructure marketplace and use the LEAP 3 Platform to find the perfect solution for your needs. If you see what you like, open a free LEAP 3 account and be prepared to witness true web democracy in action!