Explore the International Space Station (Toilets and All) With This Interactive Map

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Before the end of her record-setting stint on the International Space Station, astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti took a number photos of each module of the ISS, which the European Space Agency has stitched together into an awesome interactive tour.

The panoramic tour allows visitors to move through the ISS, seeing it as it was in June, 2015. In addition to the images, the tour is also filled with other media — links to in-depth articles on the ESA website and a number of videos where the station’s residents act as tour guides.


This thing is insanely well put together and very, very fun. There’s a lot of actually interesting and important things explained by the videos. Including just how hard it is to do normal things while in space. But, for my money, the best video is the one on toilets in the Zvezda module.


The most important thing in the universe.

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