Eye-Fi Doubles Storage and Adds Video Support

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Our beloved Eye-Fis (SD cards that add Wi-Fi to any digital camera) have finally gotten the bump from their 2GB standard. Now Eye-Fi cards hold 4GB of photos and upload videos to YouTube/Flickr.


4GB Explore Video ($100)
automatically geotags photos and videos; also offers hotspot access at more than 10,000+ Wi-Fi locations

4GB Share Video ($80)
sends photo/video to the Web and your home computer

Essentially, Eye-Fi had a limited edition 4GB card on the market that's now become a $100 mainstay, plus they've added a cheaper 4GB model without geotagging. The company has made their product line a bit confusing, but I'll still stand by how amazingly simple the units are to use.


Available March 3rd, if video isn't your thing, the original 2GB Eye-Fi cards are still around starting at $50. [Eye-Fi]

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I dont understand how these "upload videos to Flickr/YouTube"...? Do they come with software preinstalled to make it easier or something? Anyone?