Eye-Fi Mobile X2 SD Card: Screw a Computer, Send Those Photos Straight to Your Mobile Devices

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The Eye-Fi Mobile X2 does everything the previous Eye-Fi(s) did—upload photos to your computer and online—over a Wi-Fi network. The Mobile X2 has a new trick: It'll zap photos to and from your Android and iOS devices.



Stupid easy setup. If you don't have a router, the X2's Direct Mode turns itself into a wireless hotspot, for a direct connect to your iOS or Android thing. Then you can flag photos for automatic upload to your computer via the Eye-Fi app when you get re-connected to the Wee-Fees. It'll offload videos, too, even ripping out the raw .mts file from ever-fickle AVCHD videos. Bonus: The Eye-Fi app also beams photos from your phone's camera to your computer for you, sans wires.


Transfers times from the card to your photo bucket of choice are not insignificant (around 10-20 seconds, and that's after the 5-10 second warm-up time for the app). Both the iPad app and the desktop app could afford to be less ugly and more user friendly.

If you're someone who shoots a lot of photos on actual cameras and would like to have them automagically appear on your smartphone or computer, it's hard not to recommend the Mobile X2. But at $80, you might first want to consider just how much you'll really use (or even need) it.

Specs: Eye-Fi Mobile X2

Format: SD Card
Storage Capacity: 8 Gigabytes
Platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android
Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-fi
Services supported: Facebook, MobileMe, Picasa, YouTube, Flickr. Full List here.
Compatible Cameras: 1000+. Full list here.
Price: $80




I bought this when it came out for my Lumix, and I like it. I played with sending it to my Evo 4G instead of my computer, but it seems you can either do one or the other, not both.

In the end, I left it sending to my computer when my camera is range of my wifi. Nice thing about the Android app is that if I snap a photo with my phone, the photo is sent to my EyeFi incoming folder on my computer at home over the 3G.