Eye-Fi Pro X2 Goes All Wireless N

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The Eye-Fi is an SD card that adds Wi-Fi uploads to any camera. Their latest flagship, the Pro X2, is pretty similar to old Eye-Fis, but it's faster and even a bit smarter, too.


The 8GB SD card has equally fast read/write speeds to older models (class 6, for the savvy comparison shopper), but uploading should be significantly faster on supported networks, thanks to 802.11n.

But honestly, the more enticing feature may be Endless Memory.

Endless Memory allows you to pretty much fill the 8GB card to its max, but if you run out of space, the card can automatically delete photos from the card that have already been uploaded safely to the cloud, eliminating the need to dig through your camera storage and guess what's been uploaded. Plus, you can choose how much of a storage buffer you'd like to leave at all times, in case you're away from a Wi-Fi connection for a while.

It all seems pretty handy, but for $150 (starting today), it'd better be.

Eye-Fi Pro X2: The Most Advanced Memory Card on the Market

Eye-Fi re-engineered its platform and designed Arcturus – the proprietary chip at the heart of the Eye-Fi Pro X2 that enables the fastest wireless uploads to date. With the 8GB Pro X2, users will experience:

· Class 6 performance for faster read/write speeds

· For the first time, an 802.11n radio and a redesigned antenna for faster photo and video uploads and increased Wi-Fi range

· Endless Memory (*see below for details)

· 8GB storage

· Wireless JPEG, RAW and video uploads direct to a home computer and the Web

· Ad hoc connectivity to upload when not in range of a wireless router

· Hotspot access to upload away from home at more than 10,000 locations in the US

· Automatic geotagging

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 will be available for pre-order on www.eye.fi and select online retailers including Amazon for $149.99 beginning January 5.

Eye-Fi Center: Send photos and videos to multiple locations

Eye-Fi will also introduce a new desktop application that replaces Eye-Fi's Web based application for managing your Eye-Fi card and experience. The new Eye-Fi Center will offer all users:

· The ability to easily select and publish photos and videos to different online locations – no more limitations on where photos can be shared

· Drag and drop capabilities so users can easily import any photos and videos into the Eye-Fi experience for easier sharing (even those memories not uploaded with Eye-Fi)

· The ability to access some features even when not connected to the Internet – such as adding a wireless network

· A redesigned interface for easier navigation

Eye-Fi Center will be available for download on January 5 for all users.

Endless Memory: You'll always have room on your card for more memories

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 will offer Endless Memory mode, so users can choose to have Eye-Fi automatically make space available on the card once photos have been safely uploaded.

· The card communicates with the Eye-Fi Service, so that it knows when photos and videos are safely delivered to the user's computer and/or online sharing site. Then, the card can remove files that have been safely delivered, beginning with the oldest.

· Users can select how much free space they want to reserve on the card.

· If files have not yet been uploaded, the Pro X2 will not remove them.


I don't see any justification for putting the 'pro' moniker on an SD card. Show me a CF card, Eye-Fi.