Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD Card Gets FCC Approval

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The Eye-Fi 2GB SD Card that can wirelessly transfer pics to your computer just got FCC approval. There's an 802.11b/g Wi-Fi chip on board, allowing you to upload shots that you've taken without plugging in your camera. The feature's been around in other cameras before—Kodak's Easyshares come to mind. We're not sure about the features, but if this can somehow stream pics as you take it and delete them afterwards, you can have a relatively unlimited storage card (as long as the battery in both your camera and the laptop you're streaming pics to hold out). [TGDaily via Slsahgear]




I don't get it. To the device, does this card look like a storage card (good) or a wifi card (bad)? I would love to be able to pop this card into any sd card slot and have data automatically streamed to an external storage. It would be awesome if the device can see the files stored on the external device. I have a digital picture frame that is not wireless and it would be cool to pop in this card and have the frame access all the photos on my main storage.