Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card Helps Catch Dumb Thieves

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That Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD memory card isn't just useful for uploading pictures automatically whenever there's a hotspot in range, it's also useful for catching thieves. Not all thieves, however, just ones stupid enough to take pictures of themselves using a camera they stole that has an Eye-Fi inserted. This brilliant guy made off with $1000+ worth of Alison's camera equipment while she was on vacation, only to be caught when Alison saw her pictures—plus some that didn't belong to her—being uploaded onto her machine. Thankfully none of those pictures were of the thief "using" her toothbrush, if you know what we mean. And we think you do.

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Whether the story is true or not (I tend to agree with scoobydoo and bobdobbs that it seems unlikely given how WiFi networks work), I think there is a real marketing opportunity for Eye-Fi, here:

With every Eye-Fi sold, include small stickers that say "Protected by Eye-Fi" for your digital cameras, MP3 players, sex toys, or whatever other small devices you want protected. Having an SD slot is optional, of course.