Facebook for iPhone and Android: Will This Really Kill SMS?

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As you may have heard, Facebook just released a standalone Messenger app. It's their effort to invade your phone with a messaging platform that everyone has access to (because 'everyone' has a Facebook). And even if you don't use Facebook, you can use it to SMS!

What's it do?

Well, theoretically it can become your main messaging app. Think of it as a cross platform messaging service that enables you to easily talk to people on any platform—Android, iPhone, Facebook, SMS and everything in between. It's not dissimilar to Kik or WhatsApp in this aspect. Like Sam said, If your friends are on Facebook, they'll get your message in the Messages (or on their Android or iPhone). If they're not on Facebook, it'll be re-directed as a SMS message (they'll get a message from a random number saying CASEY CHAN SAYS ___ ). The only problem is that your incoming SMSes aren't re-routed through the app so it's not the be all, end all.


Why do we like it?

It's weird to think that this can be a standalone app apart from the clusterzuck that Facebook can be but, well, it really can. It's as good as GroupMe or Kik or WhatsApp in the sense that you're chatting with friends without racking up SMS charges but it's better than those services because most people have Facebook accounts and don't need to sign up for a new service. It's easy to add buddies to chat (through their Facebook account or phone number), almost scary easy to attach your location to each message and less complicated than GroupMe to start a group chat.

Even if you hate Facebook, you don't hate your friends right? The Facebook-ness of the app is invisible enough that even the most anti-Facebook guy will have to admit this is actually decent. Seriously, strip the Facebook away and what you get is a messaging app that your friends have already signed up for. Why not try?

Illustration for article titled Facebook for iPhone and Android: Will This Really Kill SMS?

Facebook Messenger

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The Best

Works with or without Facebook

The Worst

Missing view of online buddies


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Killing SMS, not anytime soon. Maybe in 5+ years when smartphones heavily outnumber dumb phones... maybe, but not anytime soon.

I am so tired of this "Will it kill SMS", "Will it kill the iPhone", "will it kill ect." What services or items have died lately? and of those deaths can you point to one item or service that killed it? No you cant. Technology is constantly changing, and company's either keep up with these changes or they die. But usually those deaths aren't instantaneous or can be pinpointed to a single cause. How long ago was it that we all thought palm was dead? Well they are on life support but they are not dead by any means. Can we back off this "Kill" idea and focus on new technology's drastically changing the statuesque instead? Then we can step back and see what company's and products are able to keep up and which ones are left to be forgotten?