Facebook iPhone App v3.2 Brings Places and Background Photo Uploading

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As expected, the latest Facebook iPhone app has been released, bringing with it the Places check-in functionality that was demo-ed yesterday. Version 3.2 of the app provides on-the-go tracking methods for friends, and new additions to photo upload.

For iPhones running iOS 4, you can now upload photos and videos in the background, but available on all versions of iPhone's OS are new privacy settings for status updates, and the aforementioned Places. As we've already discussed, we've got pretty severe reservations about Facebook Places, which allows friends to tag you in whatever location you happen to be in. Even if you'd rather not be tagged.


Walt Mossberg from the WSJ has been testing the app with a colleague for a week now, and reported that "all of these tests went well," but he was surprised that he was able to check himself into locations even if he wasn't actually there. Addressing the privacy concerns, he said that "the controls are decent, but could be a bit better," describing of how the default setting is for "friends only," but you can change that and choose to share all your movements with everyone. You can actually stop others from checking you into locations you don't wish to be checked into (or aren't actually there in the first place), however—so at least Facebook is learning. [iTunes via WSJ]