Facebook Is Finally Adding a Dark Mode to Messenger

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Screenshot: Gizmodo (Facebook)

At least one Facebook app will soon be bathed in the shadowy beauty that is dark mode, that coveted color scheme where the background is black and my eyes aren’t so angry.


Tucked into an announcement that Messenger is getting a redesign “over the coming weeks,” Facebook said its chat app will also get a dark mode “in the near future.”

Facebook branded its redesign “Messenger 4,” and at first glance it looks like it’ll bring some welcome order to Messenger’s chaotic layout, which over the years has grown overstuffed, much like the main Facebook app. Most notably, Facebook is cutting Messenger’s nine tabs down to three, dumping parts of the app you may have never bothered to use (like games) into a “Discover” tab that we can all continue to ignore.

While the redesign seems nice enough, the chat app will continue to look and function like any old chat app, which makes the update only so exciting. Facebook said about as much in its post, stating, “we aren’t changing anything about what you’ve always loved about Messenger.” But for fans of dark modes and haters of the dreaded notch, it’ll be nice to eventually launch the app in the middle of the night and not be blinded by a bright white screen.

We’ve reached out to Facebook for more details on when its dark mode will come to Messenger, and if we should expect to see it anywhere else, like on Instagram or Facebook. For now, Facebook just says it’ll “be back with more soon.” Uh, thanks.



What other common/popular apps have “dark mode” as well?

I know of Youtube.