Facebook Is Getting Into the News Business with Its Own Newswire

People are constantly posting photos, videos, and accounts of what's going on around them on Facebook. Sometimes, it's more than just a birthday party people are posting about, and the information is actually newsworthy. Facebook just launched FB Newswire to help journalists and regular people alike find the good stuff.

The new FB Newswire page on Facebook is powered by Storyful, a service used by news organizations to help them surface newsy information. The page will post photos, videos and status updates relevant to newsworthy events all over the world. In addition to following the main page you can also follow the newswire on Twitter.


Facebook is definitely an important source of information for journalists, and it'll be interesting to see how the Newswire plays into the reporting of major events. Although, when everybody has access to the same stuff, it takes all the fun out digging through the social network looking for scoops.

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