Facebook Is Making a Phone App Because We All Need More Facebook Apps

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Facebook wants to be so much more than just a social network app. It wants to be your go-to SMS with Messenger. It wants to be a Reddit replacement with Rooms. You can even overlay Android with Facebook Home. Now your dialer is in Zuck's crosshairs.

The screenshot above is courtesy of David Ruddock at Android Police, who first reported the "oopsie" that some poor engineer is probably getting scolded for about now, and that's pretty much all the information we have so far on the new "Phone" app.

Phone will automatically block calls from commonly blocked numbers and serve up caller info. Sure, makes sense. Facebook has a crap-ton of users who have their number tied up in their accounts in some way, so even if you've never talked to the person, Phone could theoretically tell you who's calling.


Messenger can also also do voice calls, but it's on a Messenger-to-Messenger basis, where Phone seems like a service wedged between carriers and you. Like Facebook Home, the app will most likely be an Android-only affair, considering Apple's closed ecosystem only lets you choose between its stock dialer and... no wait, just the stock dialer. And let's be real, Facebook will most likely be anonymizing your data for marketing purposes because that's the world we live in.

Even though the public universally rejected Facebook's attempt to be your phone, that doesn't mean Mark Zuckerberg and co are giving up. They're just taking a different approach—one new app at a time.


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