Facebook Might Be Built Into iPhone OS 4

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Given surging popular sentiment-that-will-not-amount-to-anything, this might make you feel ickier, rather than happier, but the rumor is that deep Facebook integration with the iPhone is actually happening.


At a minimum, it means true Facebook contact syncing—like you see on Android and Pre—but also, possibly, Facebook Connect for iPhone apps, so they can connect more directly with Facebook. (I'm feeling a definite ick on that aspect, given what the average Facebook newsfeed already looks like.)

We've seen traces of code that definitely point in this direction, and it's straightforwardly necessary for the iPhone to be on par with basically every other legit smartphone out there. Besides, this kind of rudimentary Facebook syncing is already in some of Apple's other apps, like iPhoto. All in all, seems logical. What I'm curious about is the possibility of Facebook Connect for iPhone apps, given how all other roads, when it comes to iPhone apps, lead back to Apple—even advertising.

So, yeah. Raise your hand if you actually want to give Facebook direct access to your phone anymore. [BusinessInsider]


Le Starman Royale, duc des Mudkips et des modules MIDI

So this is similar to the "social web" integration thing for Windows Phone 7 (eeeeuurgh... bad name) and the Kin?

EDIT: For the record, this is an honest, albeit rhetorical, question.