Facebook Phone to Use Android?

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Facebook's spokespeople may've already denied they're working on a Facebook phone, but the rumors keep on rolling—particularly about the two employees at the heart of the story (ex-Firefox man Joe Hewitt, and ex-Chrome OS chappy Matthew Papakipos).


Silicon Alley Insider mined Joe Hewitt's Twitter account yesterday, where they discovered someone who really doesn't like Android or the iPhone. A sample tweet from his feed is "Android tools are horrendous, OS is hideous, but the absence of big brother telling me what to do gives it a slight edge."

This comes from the man who up until last year was working on Facebook's web and native apps for iPhone, before he handed the project over to another engineer, citing "Apple's policies." He wrote that he was "philosophically opposed to the existence of their review process," and "very concerned that they are setting a horrible precedent for other software platforms."

Yesterday it was also discovered that Hewitt yanked his personal blog down, perhaps after the unwelcome attention throw his way.

Papakipos, Facebook's director of engineering, is cleaner than Hewitt. A couple of negative comments about the Palm Pre and iPhone on his Twitter account, but really, he wasn't saying much more than what everyone else had already said. His website remains up-and-running, but that could be because it's just a resume-based site.

While Hewitt may have some issues with Android, speculation was pointing towards the OS being used for Facebook's phone, largely helped along because of Facebook's recent hire of Google Android's senior product manager Erick Tseng.


Whatever Facebook is planning, I don't think that their denial has much to do with it. [Business Insider]




Tools and OS are horrendous?

I thought both were actually quite good and much better than say, Symbian, J2ME or Windows.