Facebook's Finally Deleting Thousands of Fake Accounts

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Facebook has finally gotten round to deleting thousands of fake user accounts and removing illegitimate likes in a bid to clean up the social network. It's not clear quite how many accounts have been wiped out, but plenty of pages have seen massive drops in their fan numbers over the last two days.


TechCrunch reports that Facebook has confirmed it's "purging fake accounts and Page Likes as it implements site integrity improvements announced last month." You want to see results? Zynga's Texas HoldEm page lost 96,000 likes in a single day; Lady Gaga lost 31,700 "fans" in the same period.

No doubt some people will be upset to see fan counts drop. But more importantly, getting rid of all these fake accounts should mean less spam — and that's good for everyone. [TechCrunch via Verge]

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Arai-the fly on the wall


But judging from that numbers, it's most likely hundreds of thousands instead of just thousands.

And remember that there are a lot of facebookers who create so called double account not for spamming but to play games out of peers scrutiny, I bet those users would be angry if they got deleted.