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Facebook's Now Hiding Public Pages From Google's Prying Eyes

Illustration for article titled Facebooks Now Hiding Public Pages From Googles Prying Eyes

As The Register learned, in part of an ongoing effort to turn Facebook into its own, closed little ecosystem, Zuck's empire has closed off public events to, well, the public. Account-holding stalkers only, please.


Once easily-accessible events listed as "public," in addition to any other public pages, now require users to login before granting them access. It makes sense that the move comes almost directly after the Graph Search announcement, which gives Facebook users in-site access to an almost frightening wealth of information. But with it, Facebook's vision of being an information-hoarding web within the web becomes just a little more imminent. [The Register]

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Doesn't matter. Who's googling for facebook info anyways? I mean besides my grandmother.