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You can quit creating those "I hate Facebook's redesign" groups, because their latest code-tinkering...isn't that bad? You can see what I mean by following these easy steps, to push the redesign through to your profile early:

It's really very easy. Just go to this page:, then click on the green button up the top there.


Suddenly, all the latest photos you've been tagged in appear up the top, along with key information such as employers, hometowns, and birthday. The rest of the feed stays the same, but bringing that important information to the top creates more room on the left sidebar, for friends, relationships and family members.

Clicking on the "info" page shows that the key info is static, including the latest photos. The little "friends" page displays all of your contacts' avatars, with searching proving much easier in this design.

I feel dirty saying this, but Zuckerberg: I quite like the redesign. [via TheNextWeb]

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