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Facebook's Spam King Nabbed by FBI Once and For All

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Our friend the Spam King has turned himself into the FBI a couple years after he was ordered to pay $711 million for spamming the shit out of Facebook. Will Facebook finally get some money out of Sanford Wallace now?


Unlikely, but he's expected to head to jail for his deeds, which involved compromising half a million Facebook accounts and sending 27 million spam messages. Don't feel too bad for him, if you think that was all a terrible waste of time—he simply wrote a script which did all the hard work for him.

While he's been released on bail, he's looking down the barrel of up to 16 years in jail if convicted at his court hearing on August 22nd, plus $2 million in fines. Naturally he's been ordered never to access Facebook again. [ZDNet]