Facebook's Universal Password and Other Unsettling Insider Info

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This interview with an anonymous Facebook employee spills some beans about the inner workings of the 'book. One of the juiciest is that there was once a universal password that let them log in as anyone. Chuck Norris? Really?


To be fair, the password only worked from within the Facebook offices, so you couldn't just check out anyone's profile from anywhere if you knew about it. However, employees still have access to all sorts of info about any user, including what profiles you view and any information you have since deleted. Acceptable business practices or privacy disaster? Personally, I almost never use Facebook anymore, so I don't really care. But that's just me. [The Rumpus via The Awl]

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Given the fact that they likely have access to the source data regardless, it seems reasonable that they would make it as easy as possible for troubleshooting and technical support by allowing their staff to log into their product as any of the account names. Nearly every web based site I have created has allowed the administrator to do this, and there are some types of problems that come up that require this ability.