Fake Band Uses Stolen Credit Cards to Buy Own Music and Collect Royalties

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In what probably seemed like a two-birds-with-one-stone situation (before the arrest, we mean), a 9-member British gang used stolen credit cards to purchase their own music on iTunes and Amazon, then collected the royalties—an estimated $300,000 total.

The gang, made up of six men and three women, included one DJ who created the music. They then listed it on iTunes and Amazon and negotiated a pretty plush 40% commission for themselves before using stolen credit cards to purchase $750,000 worth of their music.

British police stated, "We will not know why they did what they did until we have conducted all the interviews," which confirms my suspicion that there is no crime, and possibly not even formal currency, in England. The scheme managed to inflate their almost certainly fragile musical egos and net a pretty penny at the same time, and the British police won't know why they did it until they ask them?


Unfortunately, the artist name they used hasn't been released, so I can't make fun of whatever clanging noise they passed off as music. Apple and Amazon helped the police track down the culprits, who are currently being held in jail. [Times UK]